After the Tall Timber

After the Tall Timber

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What is really going on here? For decades Renata Adler has been asking and answering this question with unmatched urgency. In her essays and long-form journalism, she has captured the cultural zeitgeist, distrusted the accepted wisdom, and written stories that would otherwise go untold. As a staff writer at The New Yorker from 1963 to 2001, Adler reported on civil rights from Selma, Alabama; on the war in Biafra, the Six-Day War, and the Vietnam War; on the Nixon impeachment inquiry and Congress; on cultural life in Cuba. She has also written about cultural matters in the United States, films (as chief film critic for The New York Times), books, politics, television, and pop music. Like many journalists, she has put herself in harma€™s way in order to give us the news, not the a€œnewsa€ we have become accustomed toa€”celebrity journalism, conventional wisdom, received ideasa€”but the actual story, an account unfettered by ideology or consensus. She has been unafraid to speak up when too many other writers have joined the pack. In this sense, Adler is one of the few independent journalists writing in America today. This collection of Adlera€™s nonfiction draws on Toward a Radical Middle (a selection of her earliest New Yorker pieces), A Year in the Dark (her film reviews), and Canaries in the Mineshaft (a selection of essays on politics and media), and also includes uncollected work from the past two decades. The more recent pieces are concerned with, in her words, a€œmisrepresentation, coercion, and abuse of public process, and, to a degree, the journalista€™s role in it.a€ With a brilliant literary and legal mind, Adler parses power by analyzing language: the language of courts, of journalists, of political figures, of the man on the street. In doing so, she unravels the tangled narratives that pass for the resolution of scandal and finds the threads that others miss, the ones that explain what really is going on herea€”from the Watergate scandal, to the a€œpreposterousa€ Kenneth Starr report submitted to the House during the Clinton impeachment inquiry, to the plagiarism and fabrication scandal of the former New York Times reporter Jayson Blair. And she writes extensively about the Supreme Court and the power of its rulings, including its fateful decision in Bush v. Gore.A photographer from the New York Post photographed a Guard sentry outside the banquet hall, sound asleep. The States Dinner itself passed like any other convention banquet in the Americanaa#39;s Imperial Ballroom. There were speeches, aanbsp;...

Title:After the Tall Timber
Author:Renata Adler
Publisher:New York Review of Books - 2015-04-07


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