After Kamisiyah

After Kamisiyah

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When Lieutenant Clarence Davenport was assigned to destroy a munitions depot near Kamisiyah, Iraq, a hushed-up incident in the Gulf War, he had no idea his mission would result in a mass assassination at the Inauguration Ceremony. With the President and all other legal successors dead, the Presidency falls on a man who doesna€™t want ita€”Secretary of Education, Ben Silver, a man in love who cana€™t wait to get out of government. Compelled, Silver takes the job, but is immediately accused of involvement in the assassination conspiracy. Accusations fester, fueled by the political aspirations of Senator Jeb Davies. Davies institutes a plan to destabilize the country even further to force Silvera€™s resignation and his succession to the Presidency. Amidst civil unrest, the war for the most powerful office in the world is on. Murder and attempted murder of President Silvera€™s political enemies heighten suspicions against the reluctant President. Those investigators who believe in Silvera€™s innocence keep uncovering puzzling facts relating to the assassination, but seem unable to solve the mystery of a€œwho did it and why.a€ The unsolved crime of the new millennium threatens to destroy the nation if the answers are not found quickly.blinking light warning potential intruders that the dwelling was protected by Professional Security Systems, Inc. He was satisfied. Clarence ... He walked up its deserted dirt driveway and then another 500 yards up a dirt road where he retrieved his black Honda Accord from a turn-in. ... a€œComputer maintenance.a€ a€œAt this time ofanbsp;...

Title:After Kamisiyah
Author:Harris Baseman
Publisher:iUniverse - 2002-07-25


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