Adventures in Bipolarland

Adventures in Bipolarland

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The newest drug on the antidepressant shelf sends 35 year-old Laurel into a twilight zone of biochemically altered thoughts. Handcuffed, detained, and drugged against her will, she is not aware of her illness. She is fully aware of the inhumane treatment shown to her. Forced to live a different life with a qdifferentq brain, innate strength and manic optimism overcome fear and vulnerability. Police, schizophrenics, doctors, drug addicts, judges, and homeless vets become the people of Laurel's world. A tidal wave of depression hits just as she begins to sort through the chaos. When life hurts so much that it's difficult to keep breathing--when suicide is not an option--the only reasonable response is to move forward as far and as fast as possible. Laurel discovers that the magic of synchronicity exists apart from mania, and she is able to honor the spiritual component of her strange experience. The result is a tale that ends well, for qliving well is the best revenge.qShe traveled for several miles, then reached a hill that afforded a magnificent view. She tried to ... She had always been a careful driver, but today she worked the gearshift as if her car had a manual transmission, which it did not. Her right ... Laurel parked the car, got out, and was careful to stay clear of the speeding traffic .

Title:Adventures in Bipolarland
Author:Reni Seidman
Publisher:Reni Seidman - 2004-03


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