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Words are wonderful, wacky. wise, winsome things to use. Sometimes seemingly senseless, sometimes soulful or sorrowful, sometimes spiritual or soulish, and sometimes startling, strengthening, sarcastic, sinful, or soul winning. Words are used in many ways and have many faces, fonts, facets, fortes, factions, flavors, and fans. Use them carefully for they can hurt to the quick, encourage to be quick, quicken the spirit, soothe the sorrowful, and confuse the illiterate. The paragraph above is an example of alliteration run rampant. So run, rally, reiterate, read, and return. Alliterative poems, short stories, and pithy proverbs in this book abound with humor, social comment, and even silliness. If you want a laugh, a jolt, or just a smile, you need to curl up with this book and get ready for the unexpected. It?s not a children?s book, but it?s rated fun. Here?s a couple of examples BS Bruce Sturgess bought string beans and stuffed broiled sirloin before sending Bryan Scott, burdened somewhat, back soon for baked swordfish. Bruce smiled beamingly, seemingly, because swordfish brought some bright, sweet memories to mind. Before Sandra Beavers split, Bruce and Sandra both savored baked swordfish. Bittersweet but soothing memories of being sweethearts bloomed somewhere in Bruce?s soul. Sandra Beavers stood, built sweetly, built solid, built slender, built sprightly, bust size beautiful and sensual. Besides stirring Bruce Sturgess? best stuff between Bruce?s strong legs, Sandra brought sensations to brighten Sturgess? brain. Somewhat better since breaking up, Sturgess became sadly bewildered sometimes, but soon Bruce would bite swordfish again, and Bryan?s smile would brighten Sturgess? beautiful suite on Boston Street. Bitter soon after Sandra?s brother stiffed Bruce and Bruce stuffed Sandra?s brother into a blue suit, a big sack, and a black Studebaker, Sandra broke with Sturgess and stomped back to South Burbank steaming and bristling. ?Better start being sensible, Bruce Sturgess, ? said Bruce to himself, seconds before smartly backing into a Buick Skylark. Buck Smothers burst from the Skylark and busted Sturgess on Bruce?s suntanned beak. ?Big, stupid, backward, stunted, brainless student of bashing standing Buicks!? screamed Buck. ?Be still!? said Bruce. ?Some bystander, stand by for something beautiful!? Bruce stood before Smothers, and, before some could blink, struck Buck with several blows. Smothers, bruised and somewhat bloody, slowly bowed and sank to the busy sidewalk. ?A bit stupid, Buster!? said Bruce. Later, after settling business, Sturgess, Bryan Scott, and Buck Smothers began eating swordfish between solemn bodyguards. The bodyguards were protecting Bryan Scott, because it was Scott?s bundles and such that blocked Sturgess? back window and contributed to the bruised Skylark. Anyway, Bruce Sturgess, Bryan Scott, and Buck Smothers, bellies stretched by swordfish, BS?d the night away. But what?s the difference? This is all BS anyway! COMMENT In the forgoing piece, paired words, one beginning with B, one with S, are used for the alliterative effect. In the following piece, alliteration is achieved by the more direct traditional approach almost all of the words begin with the letter M. MUSKETS Misfired muskets mutilate millions. Must muskets multiply? Maybe muskets might make mommy miserable, but must masses be miffed? Muskets make moose huntable. Moose meat makes mighty fine eating! Moose might be merry without muskets, but musketeers might go hungry without muskets. Might a moose be misused because of muskets? Mounts and muskets make might, and me being mighty makes me militant. Mark my words, muskets must not be withheld from the masses, minorities maybe, Mormons for sure. Muskrats may multiply without using muskets to maintain a manageable balance. Missed making my mark because of my missing musket. Might a maiden marry a man without a musket? Cross the mighty Mississippi without a musket? March at midnight without a musket? Musket makers make money by the millions. Must we have munitions just to make musket makers millionaires? Most modern municipalities mandate musketless meetings. Must we be the backward musketeers? Moses didn?t have muskets. Must we? Maybe we should have nothing more than handguns!Zelma Ziegfeld judgedthem to be more fit for a zoo, except that Zeb could play the zither. Zack sat there squeezing a zit, while Zelma learned that Zack practiced Zen. Zed hada beautiful daughternamed Zoe who made a living growing zucchini anbsp;...

Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2000-10-25


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