Advances in Fungal Biotechnology

Advances in Fungal Biotechnology

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In the past two decades, fungal biotechnology has progressed with fast pace. Advances in Fungal biotechnology is an important publication representing these advances and multiple roles played by fungi. This includes mostly industrial applications of fungi for the production of pigments, citric acid and vitamins, beneficial effects of mycorrhizal fungi, mycoviruses, biotransformation, and also various health implications. Special features: * Focuses on Biocontrol strategies by fungi. * Deals with the role of fungal enzymesxylanases and laccases. * Discusses mycoviruses as an emerging tool for controlling pathogenic fungi. * Incorporates industrial applications like production of pigments, citric acid and vitamins. . * Addresses biotransformation by fungi. * Illustrates the role of mycorrhizal fungi in revegetation programmes. * Contains health implications (allergy, mycotoxins, tinea infections). * Includes role of internet in Mycology.Calculate ratio of standard sequences in unknown and calibrator samples using equation equation: ae -DCT, ae = amplification efficiency of standard TaqMan ... It is helpful to estimate the seriousness of problem if data from different methods are compared. ... Spores/m3 Spores/m3 Spores/m3 Spores/m3 Alternaria sp.

Title:Advances in Fungal Biotechnology
Author:Mahendra Rai
Publisher:I. K. International Pvt Ltd - 2009-01-01


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