Adolescent Psychiatry

Adolescent Psychiatry

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Delivering health care services to adolescents can be challenging for primary care providers and for specialists. This volume of Adolescent Medicine Clinics devoted to psychiatric issues in adolescent medicine focuses on conditions and presentations that require a biopsychosocial approach because they represent the intersection of biology and behavior, with an emphasis on practical, clinical issues and evidence-based approaches. Conditions traditionally considered qpsychiatricq with somatic manifestations, as well as those classified as qmedicalq with psychiatric symptoms are discussed. In addition, both pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic modalities are detailed, as are treatment settings appropriate for treatment, and issues related to consent and confidentiality. Cutting-edge issues related to the Internet and adolescent health concerns are also addressed.3rd edition: administration and scoring manual. San Antonio (TX): Psychological Corporation; 1997. [16] Thorndike RL, Hagen EP, Sattler JM. The Stanford Binet intelligence scale. 4th edition: technical manual. Chicago: Riverside; 1986.

Title:Adolescent Psychiatry
Author:Richard E. Kreipe, Christopher H. Hodgman
Publisher:W B Saunders Company - 2006


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