Adobe Photoshop CS3

Adobe Photoshop CS3

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1. Import multiple digital originals, create silhouettes, and use layers to build composite images such as a full-color magazine ad. 2. Combine images; apply various filters, adjustments, and patterns; and manipulate masks and channels to create artistic effects for a series of art-quality posters. 3. Produce special text-based effects with layers, masking, and selection techniques to design an appealing book cover. 4. Retouch photos to correct physical damage, lighting problems, and color errors using dozens of special filters to control every aspect of an image. 5. Create and composite complex selections and work with spot channels to build an attractive catalog cover. 6. Transform original photos to remove background elements, warp images to provide three-dimensional perspective, and apply sophisticated lighting effects to unify composite images for advertisements. 7. Render life-like paintings from line-art originals using Photoshop's remarkable combination of brushes, transparencies, and blending modes. 8. Generate and publish an industry-compliant web page that incorporates interactive buttons, animated images, and sliced artwork ready to be used by site-development technicians. 9. Work efficiently and rapidly by customizing your workspace, using shortcuts where appropriate, and automating repetitive tasks when possible.Save your work and continue to the next exercise. f^Pcna‚nRTa‚n and Divide Manual Suets In some cases, you need to define slices manually to select exactly the area you need. In this page, you need to create an individual slice for each textanbsp;...

Title:Adobe Photoshop CS3
Author:Erika Kendra, Kendra/Poyssick
Publisher:Against The Clock - 2008-01


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