Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness

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Small things can often mean a great deal. For the past five years readers of the Toronto Stara€™s website have been telling each other that, as they shared their stories in a feature called qActs of Kindness.q The common thread is that a stranger helped when it was needed most, without thought of a reward and often without leaving a name. Since its debut in December, 2004, qActs of Kindnessq has become a daily fixture at About four thousand stories have been submitted and two thousand have been published. Acts of Kindness, the book, represents the best of the best - a collection of 200 of the most memorable tales. The stories are a reminder that goodness is non-denominational, non-political, and transferable across race and language. They also remind us that although our lives are full of hard realities, the smallest gesture can raise a spirit or lift a heart, and the time to do it is now.None of the gauges worked on my old car so I never knew how much gas I had. One day I ran out about three miles from home. Many cars ... the gas in. Even though she knew I had no money, she told me to follow her back to the station, where she proceeded to fill up my tank, and told me to come back when I got paid . ... Christine Giles, Austin, Texas On the way back from Florida the a€œcheck engine a€ light.

Title:Acts of Kindness
Author:Adam Mayers
Publisher:Dundurn - 2010-03-22


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