Accounting: Information for Business Decisions PDF

Accounting: Information for Business Decisions PDF

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A business focused introduction to Accounting for all students - not just those intending to be Accounting majors. Lead students through the real-world business cycle and how accounting information informs decision-making. Students learn how to base decisions on two kinds of accounting information  managerial and financial. Departing from the traditional approach taken by other introductory accounting textbooks, students apply both managerial and financial approaches within the topics examined in each chapter. The conversational writing engages students in the theoretical content and how it applies to contemporary real-world scenarios. The new edition again includes the popular Sweet Temptations case study. Students follow the retail chocolate business through the book to learn about applying accounting issues in the real world.Required: a Using the above income statement format, show the calculation of expected profit for Silencera#39;s operations next year. b How many mufflers would Silencer have to sell to earn as much profit next year as it did last year? c Do you anbsp;...

Title:Accounting: Information for Business Decisions PDF
Author:Billie Cunningham, Loren A. Nikolai, John Bazley, Marie Kavanagh, Geoff Slaughter, Sharelle Simmons
Publisher:Cengage Learning Australia - 2014-11-05


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