Accelerated Silverlight 3

Accelerated Silverlight 3

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Accelerated Silverlight 3 teaches you how to get up to speed with the latest version of Silverlight quickly and efficiently. The book assumes you're already comfortable with the basics of .NET coding and with WPF and builds on your existing knowledge to make your journey to Silverlight 3 proficiency as quick and painless as possible. Where coding techniques are similar to other, more established, areas of .NET, the text says so. Likewise, where there's a syntax or conceptual qgotchaq that you're existing coding habits will walk you into, the text points that out, too. This book provides you with fast-track coverage of all the most important elements of the Silverlight 3 technology ranging from XAML to standard controls, from dealing with media to networking, from testing to deployment. It concludes with a pair of fully worked sample applications for you to follow through, because nothing reinforces your understanding of how concepts fit together as much as looking at finished code. It is assumed that readers are already be comfortable with the workings of the .NET framework. Knowledge of Expression Blend is useful, but not mandatory: you'll learn the Blend techniques that you need to know as you go through the book. By the end, you will have followed a sound, concise, path to mastery of Silverlight 3. What youa€™ll learn Migrate your existing .NET skills to Silverlight 3 as quickly as possible Learn everything you need to know to start developing quality Silverlight 3 applications with confidence Explore worked case studies showing techniques and best practices in a code-heavy style that you can relate to Who this book is for This book is for .NET developers, whether they are previewing .NET 4.0, already using .NET 3.5, or are in the process of migrating up from .NET 2.0. The aim is to ease people's migration paths as much as possible, so the text includes notes to highlight important features of .NET 3.5 and 4.0 that people need to be aware of and also to highlight where Silverlight's working and syntax differs substantially from that of WPF. Table of Contents Introducing Silverlight Getting to Know XAML Creating User Interfaces Network Communication Working with Data Working with Media Extending the User Interface Styling and Templating Animation Dynamic Languages and the Browser Security Testing and Debugging Packaging and Deploying Silverlight Applications Advanced Silverlight 3 Features Threading in SilverlightIn this chapter, we will cover the Silverlight navigation framework and the new Out ofBrowser functionality, including ... the implementation was pretty manual, and there were challenges when communicating between different pages. ... Visual Studio 2008 SP1, an additional project template, the Silverlight Navigation Application template, is available. ... Solution Explorer - Solution a#39; SampIeSiIverIightNavi... v Ill X | a 413 Advanced Silverlight 3 Features Silverlight Navigation Framework.

Title:Accelerated Silverlight 3
Author:Jeff Scanlon, Ashish Ghoda
Publisher:Apress - 2009-07-27


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