A War for the Soul of America

A War for the Soul of America

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What were the culture wars all about? Through the 1980s and 1990s, politics, art, media, schools, and the culture at large were roiled by seemingly unending public battles over gender, race, sexuality, music, and religion.A War for the Soul of America is the first full-scale intellectual history of this period, tracing the histories and influences of key figures, institutions, publications, and alliances--from the Moral Majority and the NEA Four to Madonna and William F. Buckley. Hartman argues that these conflicts were not cynical sideshows that obscured larger economic and political revolutions; rather, he sees them as the key ways in which Americans came to terms with changing demographics, communities, and conceptions of American identity. Hartman's balanced and fair-minded assessment of the time before Fox News and Lady Gaga will change the way you look at public controversies of all kinds.James Dobson detailed the ACT-UP prank on Helms in an October 1991 letter to Focus on the Family members, Wilcox Collection: ... James Dobson, Love Must Be Tough: New Hope for Families in Crisis (Waco, TX: Word Books, 1983), 25.

Title:A War for the Soul of America
Author:Andrew Hartman
Publisher:University of Chicago Press - 2015-04-14


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