A view From The Bottom

A view From The Bottom

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I am one of 10 children from a poor family. We grew up on food from the surplus food program. I worked as a structural steel fitter, ship fitter and millwright until I figured out that the equipment was more valuable than the people who used it, we were replaceable if we got injured or killed. I joined the Los Barbados Motorcycle Club and began to move to a new world during the early 1970's. We changed over to become members of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club shortly after that. I spent about 8 years as an outlaw. Then, I went to college starting in 1976 using Federal Job Power money. I moved from the biker world to a new world of what was then white collar jobs. This is the story of some of my time in each world and my transition between worlds. The rules for each are so different, they are effectively different worlds existing in the same physical space of this planet. It is clear to me why someone who becomes socially successful can't go back and help others from their old world. If you have something to lose, law enforcement types will use that against you if you stay in contact with old friends from unacceptable worlds. I currently have a Masters degree in Computer Science from George Mason University and graduated with a 4.0 GPA.My Move Between Worlds Marlin ... There are not many people more pissed off than someone who has fallen asleep drunk and is rudely awakened 2 hours later , they are still drunk ... I woke up early in the afternoon and decided to fix my car.

Title:A view From The Bottom
Publisher:Charles J Holzwarth - 2013-11-29


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