A Trio of Zen Buddhist Stories

A Trio of Zen Buddhist Stories

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So there you have it; three tragic stories, two ending in death, all three of an exitential mode. What does it all mean? Is one's life guided by some supernatural force? Or is it the individual's Karma which is the driving force of our actions? According to karma theory every action has a consequence which will come to fruition in either this or a future life; thus morally good acts will have positive consequences, whereas bad acts will produce negative results.a€œWe can do it tomorrow or if you like we can wait until her gravestone is ready, a€ I answered thoughtfully. a€œYes, perhaps ... Let us wait until the gravestone is ready, a€ He agreed. ... You should not spoil your fine robes when you do manual labor.

Title:A Trio of Zen Buddhist Stories
Author:Albert Shansky
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-03-28


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