A Teen Guide to Buying Stocks

A Teen Guide to Buying Stocks

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Despite spectacular stock market highs and lows, most Americans today hold stock, especially the educated and the very rich. Anybody with a little spare change, even young people, can invest in the stock market. Kids and teens may not have Warren Buffett's billions, but thanks to young agea€”and the power of compoundinga€”investing even a little money early on can bring a huge payday later. Learn how to buy and sell stocks online, how to pick winning stocks, and how to decode stock charts like a pro, from EPS to P/E to funny ticker symbols like YUM! With a little research, strategy, and patience, even kids can become savvy investors.buying and selling stocks, to news articles on investment strategies from top nancial analysts. When ready, an ... Buyers pay more for stocks in high demand, such as Apple stock just before the company releases a new model of iPhone. ... Natural disasters and elections can cause the entire market to plummet, whereas an announcement that jobs increased nationwide could make the market soar.

Title:A Teen Guide to Buying Stocks
Author:Claire O'Neal
Publisher:Mitchell Lane Publishers, Inc. - 2013-09-01


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