A Swamp Full of Dollars

A Swamp Full of Dollars

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Nigeria is a country where petroleum production and polio are both booming, where small villages challenge giant oil companies, and scooter drivers run their own mini-state. The oil-rich Delta region at the heart of it all is, as Michael Peel shows us, a troublespot as hot as the local pepper soup. Through a host of characters, from the a€˜Area Boysa€™ of Lagos to the crew of a US warship, from the militants in their swamp forest hide-outs to the oil company executives in London, Peel tells the story of this extraordinary country, which grows ever more wild and lawless by the day as its refined petroleum pumps through our cities. Peel demonstrates the symbiotic relationship between western energy consumption and the breakdown of the state in Nigeria, where the rank corruption of the haves is matched only by the determination and ingenuity of the have-nots. As the price of oil gyrates on international markets and the worlda€™s hunt for new reserves becomes ever more desperate, Nigeriaa€™s tale is a dark warning of how unbridled plunder eventually rebounds on those who have done the taking. Blending vivid reportage, history and investigative journalism, A Swamp Full of Dollars takes us under the skin of a country locked in a deadly embrace with big oil.Pipelines and Paramilitaries at Nigeriaa#39;s Oil Frontier Michael Peel ... Yes, he replied, but there was one problem: corpses of drowning victims washed up now and again beneath the sill. ... The craters on some roads were so large that they would swallow up a Nissan four-by-four and a battered old taxi equally voraciously and without discrimination, like a ... The stop-start geography of the roads is well suited to the army of street sellers who underpin the citya#39;s dynamic informal economy.

Title:A Swamp Full of Dollars
Author:Michael Peel
Publisher:I.B.Tauris - 2011-03-30


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