A Solar Car Primer

A Solar Car Primer

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This exciting primer on Solar Racing literally starts from the ground up, describing how the interactions of a vehicle with its environment circumscribe its ultimate success, from aerodynamics to resistance and propulsion. By demonstrating how to mathematically model these underlying physical phenomena, the author helps solar racing competitors carefully select key characteristics of the vehicle, such as weight and shape, to produce optimal speed. Energy conversion and demand are given particular attention, followed by chapters devoted to examining solar racersa€™ design, manufacture and testing using a structured problem-solving process to keep projects on track and on schedule. A chapter devoted to energy management strategies provides invaluable tips on maximizing average speed during a race. Complex issues such as ventilation system analysis and performance simulation are covered in dedicated appendices. The financial aspect of project design is not neglected, as both fund-raising and cost estimation are given in-depth consideration.8, requires the ratio for the minimum array power supplied to the bus to the mass of the car when irradiated at ... mass limit of 338 kg, it is 1183 W, which we round up to 1200 W. As a precaution, let us use this higher power to size the array. ... We will keep the design at four sub-arrays because we believe this is a good compromise between cost (MPPTs are ... 11.32 shows an installation of seven MPPTs.

Title:A Solar Car Primer
Author:Eric Forsta Thacher
Publisher:Springer - 2015-07-02


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