A Social History of Contemporary Democratic Media

A Social History of Contemporary Democratic Media

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The last few decades have helped dispel the myth that media should remain driven by high-end professionals and market share. This book puts forward the concept of qcommunications from belowq in contrast to the qglobalization from aboveq that characterizes many new developments in international organization and media practices. By examining the social and technological roots that influence current media evolution, Drew allows readers to understand not only the Youtubes and Facebooks of today, but to anticipate the trajectory of the technologies to come. Beginning with a look at the inherent weaknesses of the U.S. broadcasting model of mass media, Drew outlines the early 1960s and 1970s experiments in grassroots media, where artists and activists began to re-engineer electronic technologies to target local communities and underserved audiences. From these local projects emerged national and international communications projects, creating production models, social networks and citizen expectations that would challenge traditional means of electronic media and cultural production. Drewa€™s perspective puts the social and cultural use of the user at the center, not the particular media form. Thus the structure of the book focuses on the local, the national, and the global desire for communications, regardless of the means.Google believes its users should not have to leave Google for any aspect of online life, be it email, social media, ... The Apple operating system and their app creation process for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod are neatly designed to keep customers within the confines of the Apple fence. Humorously, in order to leave that environment behind, users must a€œjailbreaka€ their product. ... It has also entered the electronic market with the Kindle reader, a tool to read the same ebooks it sells.

Title:A Social History of Contemporary Democratic Media
Author:Jesse Drew
Publisher:Routledge - 2013-05-02


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