A Sense of the Whole

A Sense of the Whole

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In 1997, Mark Gonnerman organized a yearlong research workshop on Gary Snydera€™s Mountains and Rivers Without End at the Stanford Humanities Center. Members of what came to be known among faculty, students, and diverse community members as the Mountains a Rivers Workshop met regularly to read and discuss Snydera€™s epic poem. Here the poem served as a commons that turned the multiversity into a university once again, if only for a moment. The Workshop invited writers, teachers and scholars from Northern California and Japan to speak on various aspects of Snydera€™s great accomplishment. This book captures the excitement of these gatherings and invites readers to enter the poem through essays and talks by David Abram, Wendell Berry, Carl Bielefeldt, Tim Dean, Jim Dodge, Robert Hass, Stephanie Kaza, Julia Martin, Michael McClure, Nanao Sakaki, and Katsunori Yamazato. It includes an interview with Gary Snyder, appendices, and other resources for further study. Snyder once introduced a reading of this work with reference to whitewater rapids, saying most of his writing is like a Class III run where you will do just fine on your own, but that Mountains and Rivers is more like Class V: if youa€™re going to make it to take-out, you need a guide. As a collection of commentaries and background readings, this companion volume enhances each readera€™s ability to find their way into and through an adventurous and engaging work of art.See also Heart SAltra Su Tung-pa#39;o, 21, 221, 226, 289 Suwa-no-Se Island, 125 Suzuki, D.T., 8, 10, 116, 216, 295, 297, 298; Essays in Zen Buddhism, First Series, 295; Manual Truth and Method (Gadamer), 12 Tsurumi Shunsuke, 118 Tu Fu, .

Title:A Sense of the Whole
Author:Mark Gonnerman
Publisher:Counterpoint - 2015-01-13


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