A Season Without Rain

A Season Without Rain

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Jacob Miller is angry with himself, the world, and God. Life seems so unfair, so cruel, that he cana€™t imagine why anyone even tries. After having a nervous breakdown, selling his business, filing for bankruptcy, having a baby, and finding out he owes over twenty grand in taxes, he is hardly happy to be alive. In the span of a year, Jacob will discover three very important things about life. Things can always be worse. There really is a God. And if you wait long enough anything can change. A Season Without Rain explores that gray area between poverty and middle class life, the struggling underclass for whom there are no advocates. A powerful story told in a modern, everyday voice that will entrench readers in Jacob Millera€™s black world of anger, hate, resentment, lies, and violence. A Season Without Rain is Joe Schwartza€™s first novel. His previous short story collections Joea€™s Black T-Shirt, The Games Men Play, and The Veiled Prophet of St. Louis have been acclaimed vulgar as Bukowski and visceral as Carver. Joe lives and works in St. Louis happily writing stories exclusively about the Gateway City.He pulled next to a white Chevy Lumina, double checked his pocket for his cigarettes, and turnedoff the motor. Inapaper sack he had ... Theboots hewore were new, ahigh yellow leatherthat wouldna#39;t look new for long. Hea#39;d rather have gottenanbsp;...

Title:A Season Without Rain
Author:Joe Schwartz
Publisher:Black Hawk / Ravenswood Publishing - 2014-08-06


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