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A love story meant for all generations especially the youths, this book contains comedy, romance and tragedy. Firstly the readers would feel electrified and enthusiastic before that they would laugh and at last I bet they would cry. The story is based on the fact how our society react to love and how the concept love is ill treated. Sam who wanted to become a writer and Saba who wanted to become a doctor both from a village met each other when they were students and eventually fell into love. Sam, knowing the consequences of loving someone took it a challenge. He believed he would change the perceptions of the conservative people who hate love. He promised to turn around the lives of one another to set an example. But Sam is a dull student in science subjects and Saba very brilliant. They gave lessons to each other days and nights and even exchanged high class romance. Their aims got changed, Saba who wanted to become a doctor aspires to become a writer and Sam who was dull in science subjects is now a doctor of 35 but is never happy with his life, he is alone. Read and find out.I hardly had leisure time to waste on my new brought phone; it was Nokia 1100 the common phone then. Initially being addicted to play snake game and would use to learn new things and functions after reading the user guide I went acrossanbsp;...

Author:Shah Ishtiyaq Mehfooze
Publisher:Partridge Publishing - 2015-02-23


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