A Place in Time

A Place in Time

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Ian Lane is fifty-seven years old and he thinks his country is about to be invaded by force of arms and have its lifestyle and culture changed forever. So he leaves his executive corporate position and decides to rely on his suddenly budding career as a novelist to support himself, his wife and ten-year-old daughter. They set out on a long dreamed of caravan trip around Australia while the country's northern neighbours become more and more determined that Australia should join the powerful Northern Alliance voluntarily - or risk being compelled to do so by force of arms. Australia's allies adopt a wait-and-see attitude while the country bubbles with internal and external conflict and turmoil. When the invasion begins Ian and his wife and daughter are camped at an isolated lagoon deep in the northern outback - prisoners in their own land watching the invaders swarm down the centre of the continent. A Vietnam Veteran - Ian longs to play a part in defending his land. But what can he do when he is stranded in the middle of nowhere?... ten minutes to get back there.a#39; Alicia read the situation at once and punched a#39; homea#39; into the control system and the GIT began a swift fall back towards the caravan. a#39;Switch to manual when we get in close and Ia#39;ll take over, a#39; Ian said urgently.

Title:A Place in Time
Author:Greg Blenco, Gary Blenco
Publisher:eBookIt.com - 2010-11-01


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