A New Unified Theory of Psychology

A New Unified Theory of Psychology

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Concern about psychologya€™s fragmentation is not new, but there has for the past decade been increasing calls for psychologists to acknowledge to the costs associated with fragmentation and to search for ways to unify the discipline. A New Unified Theory of Psychology introduces a new system that addresses psychologya€™s current theoretical and philosophical difficulties. The new theory consists of four interlocking pieces that together providea€”for the first timea€”a macro-level view that clarifies the nature of psychologya€™s problems and offers a clear way to unify the various elements of the field. The unified theory provides the field of psychology with a well-defined subject matter, allowing both academic and professional psychologists will be able to develop a shared language and conceptual foundation.Mental behavior refers to the behavior of animals mediated by the nervous system and includes overt actions and covert cognitive processes. As I will ... Like the ToK System, the Influence Matrix also comes with a diagram (see Chapter 4).

Title:A New Unified Theory of Psychology
Author:Gregg Henriques
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2011-08-17


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