A Murder of Mysteries

A Murder of Mysteries

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The second of our series of holiday bundles, A Murder of Mysteries features twenty novels of mystery and suspense by various award-winning and bestselling authors. For $2.99, you're getting twenty novels, each the first book in a continuing series, containing almost 1.5 million words in total, and a savings of more than $70 if each title was purchased separately. This bundle is only available for a limited time, so purchase your copy before it's gone. Titles included in this collection: Too Late to Die - by Bill Crider - Book 1 of the Dan Rhodes Mysteries Death is a Cabaret - by Deborah Morgan - Book 1 of the Antique Lover's Mysteries A. P. B. - by Dave Pedneau - Book 1 of the Whit Pynchon Mysteries Switch - by William Bayer - Book 1 of the Janek Series Blood Moon - by Ed Gorman - Book 1 of the Robert Payne Mystery Series The Turner Journals - by Robert J. Randisi - Book 1 of the Detective McQueen Series The Hanged Man - by T.J. MacGregor - Book 1 of the Mira Morales Series Pink Vodka Blues - by Neal Barrett, Jr. - Book 1 of the Blues Series Dead on the Island - by Bill Crider - Book 1 of the Truman Smith Mysteries A Hard Day's Death - by Raymond Benson - Book 1 of the Spike Berenger Rock 'N' Roll Mysteries Prophecy Rock - by Rob MacGregor - Book 1 of the Will Lansa Mysteries The Changing - by T.M. Wright - Book 1 of the Biergarten Series A Minor Case of Murder - by Jeff Markowitz - Book 1 of the Cassie O'Malley Mysteries Sins of the Flash - by David Niall Wilson Case File - by Bill Pronzini - part of the Bill Pronzini Mystery Collection Rough Cut - by Ed Gorman - Book 1 of the Jack Dwyer Mystery Series Murder, Sometimes - by Patricia Lee Macomber - Book 1 of the Jason Callahan Mysteries Tango Key - by T.J. MacGregor - Book 1 of the Tango Key Mysteries One Dead Dean - by Bill Crider - Book 1 of the Carl Burns Mysteries Tangier - by William Bayer - Book 1 of the Foreign Detective SeriesScotta#39;s Honda sounded like an asthmatic as it wheezed its way up Hurricane Drive. ... Unfortunately, the air conditioner in her house apparently had the same idea when it had gone on the fritz this morning ... There was no twentyfour hour repair service on the island, and no one in Key West would make the drive at 8: 30 on aanbsp;...

Title:A Murder of Mysteries
Author:Ed Gorman, Bill Crider, Deborah Morgan, Dave Pedneau, William Bayer, Robert J. Randisi, T. J. MacGregor, Neal Barrett Jr., Raymond Benson, Rob MacGregor, T. M. Wright, Patricia Lee Macomber, Jeff Markowitz, David Niall Wilson
Publisher:Crossroad Press -


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