A Manual for Self-Mastery

A Manual for Self-Mastery

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This book is for any average person who wants to achieve excellence. It contains a formula that will enable one to go from Aca‚nA“zeroAca‚n to excellence in a relatively short period of time. It is extremely valuable for students, business people, managers, executives, artists and sports people. In fact, it is useful for anyone who desires excellence and creativity and values them in their area of life. I will define excellence as the effortless achievement of a desired goal through the avenue of self-mastery. The aim is to achieve mastery in the area of oneAca‚na„cs thoughts, emotions, physical body and relationships and also to achieve an understanding of how these things are related to the events and circumstances in oneAca‚na„cs life. When mastery in these areas has been achieved, then achievement becomes effortless and one is able to achieve exceptional success in the world.When one types in a phrase into an Internet search engine, the search engine comes up with the desired results. ... one is inputting information into onea#39;s mind then one can readily recall this information when the appropriate query is input.

Title:A Manual for Self-Mastery
Author:J. Anthony
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2006-06


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