A Man of Few Words

A Man of Few Words

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With today's busy lifestyles there can barely be time to read anything. Fears have been expressed that English literature might become the preserve of a few specialist academics, as texts in cuneiform script and hieroglyphic writing. The answer could be Short Humour, which can be read at any time and almost anywhere. Far Eastern, low cost, pirate versions of The Oxferd Inglish Ducksionery explain Short Humour as 'Non-serious writing that is not too long'. Swan Morrison defined 'not too long' as around 500 words, and stories, poems and the like began to be written that could be read in their entirety in less than ninety seconds. qA Man of Few Wordsq is a collection of one hundred such examples of SH by Swan Morrison with a connecting theme of life in contemporary Britain.The engineer at Glastonbury Electronics had told me that my transistor radio was not worth the cost of repair. On the walk home, therefore, my attention was drawn to the sign in the window of the Alternative Repair Centre. a#39;All things can be ... prior to therapy. There has, of course, been predictable opposition from conventional repair services in the town as they have seen The Alternative Repair Centre ...

Title:A Man of Few Words
Author:Swan Morrison
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2013-01-25


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