A-level Chemistry

A-level Chemistry

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This textbook has been updated to cover the new specifications for AS and A2 Chemistry, and improved with new features and rewritten material to enhance learning and increase accessibility. It covers all the main specifications for the English and Welsh Awarding Bodies, and should be particularly suitable for students approaching A-Level from GCSE Science: Double Award. This answer key is designed to support the core book and contains suggested answers, worked solutions to the checkpoints and examination questions in the core book, also synoptic questions for further practice, complete with suggested answers and worked solutions, to help develop confidence.(c) Explain why aluminium chloride is covalent and readily dimerises to A1, Cl6 and draw the structure of the dimer. ... (a) (i) Draw a#39;dot-and-cross* diagrams of an ionic oxide and a covalent oxide of your choice. ... be observed when I. an aqueous solution containing Fe3* ions is added to an aqueous solution of potassium iodide, II. chlorine is bubbled through an aqueous solution containing Fe2* ions.

Title:A-level Chemistry
Author:E. N. Ramsden
Publisher:Nelson Thornes - 2000


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