A house for the Most High

A house for the Most High

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This informative book will chronologically document the behind-the-scenes stories of the common people involved in the sacrifice to erect the second Mormon temple. First hand accounts are drawn from diaries, journals, and letters.The prologue of this book discusses briefly the early temple building efforts of the fledgling Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the development of temple-related doctrines during the decade prior to the Nauvoo era, and the arrival of the Saints in Illinois in 1839. The body of the history covers the years 1840, when the temple was first contemplated, to 1850, when its walls were toppled by a hurricane. An epilogue completes the story by recounting the story of the repurchase of the temple lot by the Church in 1937, the lot's excavation in 1962, and the announcement that the temple would be rebuilt. Also included is an appendix containing important eyewitness descriptions of the temple, and a bibliography of major sources.Estimating the manual labor at the usual prices of the day it is said that the cost of this Temple was about $800, 000. ... To the east lay in perfect beauty the grand Prairie of Illinois, reaching to the waters of Michigan; to the north and south faded away the winding ... perfect sea of forest land, entering which, I could just distinguish a caravan of exiled Mormons, on their line of march to Oregon and California.

Title:A house for the Most High
Author:Matthew S. McBride
Publisher:Greg Kofford Books Inc - 2007-05-04


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