A Handbook of Circuit Math for Technical Engineers

A Handbook of Circuit Math for Technical Engineers

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A Handbook of Circuit Mathematics for Technical Engineers is designed to provide students and practicing engineers a reference regarding the background and technique for solving most problems in circuit analysis. Using hundreds of equations and examples, the book covers topics ranging from the analysis of simple resistive and reactive networks to complex filters in both the analog and digital domain. The book also presents the characteristics and analysis of input forcing functions from batteries through sine, square, pulse and impulse waves; diodes and transistors, transformers, and operational amplifiers; and the transient response methods of Laplace, Fourier, and the Z-Transform. The appropriate input functions and networks, both passive and active, are illustrated in their simple, complex, and exponential forms so that readers can understand and use each form on problems encountered in day-to-day circuit analysis.Before the analysis and design of digital filters can be described, it is necessary to review or reinforce the background in digital signals and digital processing. Thus, the digital filter will be the ultimate goal, the icing on the cake, for this chapter.

Title:A Handbook of Circuit Math for Technical Engineers
Author:Robert L. Libbey
Publisher:CRC Press - 1991-06-05


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