A Guide to Introductory Physics Teaching

A Guide to Introductory Physics Teaching

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A guide to teaching introductory physics, from high school to calculus-based college courses, this instructional tool presents systematic observations based upon research into how physics students come to learn and understand physical concepts, models and lines of reasoning. Includes many examples of test questions and homework problems.In the initial stages of dealing with ray diagrams, it is advisable to lead students to sketch the spherically divergent bundle of ... Students should then be led to see the difference between a mirror and an ordinary object, that is, the difference between specular and diffuse reflection. ... Among the postinstruction students, 70% answered correctly while 30% still maintained that the position would change.

Title:A Guide to Introductory Physics Teaching
Author:Arnold B. Arons
Publisher:Wiley - 1990-01-24


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