A Guide To Becoming An Independent Contractor In The IT Industry

A Guide To Becoming An Independent Contractor In The IT Industry

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qA Guide to Becoming an Independent Contractor in the IT Industryq was written to help IT professionals find employment by working as independent contractors. I know what it is like to get laid off and go months without a job while bills continue to pile up. While our economy in the United States is continuing to recover, finding work continues to be very difficult for some. It is my hope I can make a small difference in our nation's recovery. Being an independent contractor is not for everyone. But if your job or career can translate to independent contracting, this book can help you find work even though it is written for computer technicians. My hope is, after reading this book, you will find opportunities in the job market. Being an independent contractor may not be a career move you want to make permanently, but it can get you by until you find full-time employment again. It gives you freedom you thought you could only dream of in a full-time position. I set my own hours and only take jobs I want. That's right...I am still an independent contractor and I love it. It took me 20 years to get to this point, and now I'm going to tell you how I did it in hopes you, too, will find it as rewarding as I do. For over seven years, I have worked as an independent contractor. I am now providing you access to this knowledge. Don't just read this book; use it as a resource. Here's hoping this book gives you the next steps to success in your life.To make matters worse, I hired an assistant to help me do these jobs. ... How much you earn is determined by your skill, experience, marketing, and the industry you work in. Most computer technicians ... as independent contractors typically earn anywhere from $12, 000 per year (part-time) to $70, 000 per year ( fulltime).

Title:A Guide To Becoming An Independent Contractor In The IT Industry
Author:Don Johnson
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2014-04-22


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