A Game of Thrones: Comic Book, Issue 20

A Game of Thrones: Comic Book, Issue 20

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Trumpets sound, armies clash, and blood spills in the latest installment of bestselling author Daniel Abrahama€™s thrilling adaptation of George R. R. Martina€™s beloved fantasy masterwork! Battle is joined at the Trident, with Tyrion Lannister in the vanguarda€”placed there by a father determined to rid himself of an embarrassment. But the fortunes of war are not so easily manipulated, as Lord Tywin is about to learn, to his great regret . . . and even greater rage. For in a brilliant tactical move, the host of young Robb Stark has descended upon the army of Jaime Lannister outside the besieged gates of Riverrun, and has won a great victory . . . and a prize that might end the war before it has fairly begun.aƒuaƒu H 7 aƒ¼eo• n a€‚aooac€aƒs(a‚paƒ¼ 5 )am¾e•me‡Ž mN a€‚d n a€‚a…ya€aƒua‚aaƒ¼aƒ¼aoo W a‚aaƒs Na€‚GW a‚aa‚aaƒ¼arŽaparaooa‚aaƒ¼~aƒu W GN al} na€‚(e‡Ž)aƒu N criaƒ¼aƒu W am”aoo W aa²aƒŽaiše•macac†a‚aa‚madaƒu aci d *-a#39;enƒameƒža‚½ N acia…cepoeƒ†acaƒuaƒua‚na…ca€‚~mg dNV e‡Ža‹•a²¹e„šeˆoa€aˆpeu“ar GN a‚½amže‡Žaa² a²ne‡Žanbsp;...

Title:A Game of Thrones: Comic Book, Issue 20
Author:George R.R. Martin
Publisher:Bantam Dell - 2014-07-22


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