A Game of Thrones: Comic Book, Issue 13

A Game of Thrones: Comic Book, Issue 13

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Stark choices mark the latest installment of Daniel Abraham's acclaimed adaptation of the fantasy masterwork by George R. R. Martin. . . . In the aftermath of Jaime Lannister's brutal attack upon Eddard Stark and his men, King Robert meets with the wounded Eddard-and presents him with a choice of evils: either Eddard accepts the heavy mantle of the King's Hand once more . . . or Robert will appoint Jaime to the position. Adding to the troubles of House Stark, Tyrion Lannister wins his freedom from Catelyn Stark; now the Imp returns to his father, intent on revenge for his treatment at the hands of Cat and her mad sister. Meanwhile, far to the north, the bastard Jon Snow becomes a sworn brother of the Night's Watch and must put his loyalty to the Starks aside.NV aƒ¼a‚aaƒua‚aa”aƒuacŠ N a€‘arŽa‚Ša‚‡a#39; a#39;aƒu W H acŠaƒ¼ M 3W a€‚aƒ•aƒs)a€‚a—ya—yaƒuaƒaƒu N a™aƒ¼aƒ¼ M n aƒsaoo aƒŽe‡Žaƒua‚naƒŽc†ucc„aˆ‡acaƒua‚na#39;aƒ¼aƒ¼)a‚a N aƒua½ƒaoo 9 aƒuaƒa‚pc”paƒ¼aƒ¼ VH aƒca‚ua€ mS , aƒu W aƒsaƒua‚‰ aƒsa‚aaƒuaƒuaƒu H5 euŽcŠp(aƒua‡oaƒŽacaƒua‚ne†’acca#39;Nnaaag(a€‘a aa€‚d g a€‚aƒ¼ a dN)eu€a²ebaara›²eoia‘ 7 acanbsp;...

Title:A Game of Thrones: Comic Book, Issue 13
Author:George R. R. Martin
Publisher:Bantam Dell - 2013-05-28


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