A Flight of Onesimus

A Flight of Onesimus

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A Flight of Onesimus is a top notch action adventure with a unique premise. This novel is the heroic story of a father and daughter from an alternate universe who find themselves stranded on Earth in September 2001. The first three chapters of the book are devoted to explaining how the alternate universe of Commander Davis was formed. This fascinating backstory involves a rogue scientist whose attempt at time travel creates a timeline split in 1601. From that point forward, two universes evolve separately until they intersect again four hundred years later with the arrival of Commander Davis and his daughter Michelle-Michele. The commander and his daughter are slaves in bondage to serve an interstellar smuggler on his spaceship. This ship is severely damaged in battle, accidentally jumps across the boundary between the two universes, and crashes in the desert Southwest. After the crash landing, father and daughter are forced by their master to split up and search for the spare parts that can repair his ship. Their destinations are the wrecks of the two other fighters involved in the battle that forced their landing on to this alien world. On their journeys, they each meet a partner who pledges to help with their mission; a local teenager and a mysterious woman who calls herself the Guardian of the Timeline. Together with their new allies, the commander and his daughter battle an array of forces determined to stop them: the United States military a top secret organization looking for travelers from other dimensions vicious criminals from their own universe. The action takes the reader from the desert of Texas to the top of the World Trade Center and beyond as our heroes fight to return to their master before a catastrophic timeline split destroys one universe or the other.Davis stood next to the Guardian at the registration desk at the Sheraton Hotel and Towers in downtown New York as she checked them in using one of ... The commander tossed his bags onto the bed and removed the 8-9-10 space point generator ... a€œI studied the tech manual for this device on the way down to New York.

Title:A Flight of Onesimus
Author:Stephen W. Killam
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-05-21


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