A Fierce Local

A Fierce Local

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After a twelve-year courtship, author Harvey Gould, a nice Jewish boy from Chicago, marries Karen Duffy, a beautiful, Irish-Catholic lass from Manhattan. Karen instills in Harvey her love of horses, family history, and Ireland itself, and the two embark on twenty years of adventures in the Old Sod. In this memoir, Gould offers a vivid picture of what ita€™s like to travel and live in Ireland. From riding in foxhunts to Irish step-dancing on a puba€™s dirt floor to drinking Guinness directly from the tap, A Fierce Local presents a firsthand look into Irish history, its social customs, and its culture. He also writes of returning to the tiny village of Adare, where they became so integrated into the local life the residents accept them as two of their own and bestow on them the honored moniker of a€œfierce locals.a€ A Fierce Local also narrates Goulda€™s personal story as hea€™s diagnosed with a terminal disease and given five years to live. His battle teaches him universal lessons and deepens his ardor for life, his wife, and for Ireland. With humor and pathos, this account shares tales about the countrya€™s people and placesa€”the site of a never-ending love affair.They gave me a road emergency number to call. ... a€œThe clutch on our rental just blew and we need roadside service. ... Victoria called the emergency roadside service and arranged for a spot to meet the tow truck, because we couldna#39;t waitanbsp;...

Title:A Fierce Local
Author:Harvey Gould
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-12-07


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