A Fairy Tale Created Original Sin

A Fairy Tale Created Original Sin

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Christians are taught to believe that creation and original sin in Genesis actually occurred. They must believe that God created a tree of the knowledge of good and evil, a talking serpent capable of beguiling Eve, and magic fruit that made Adam and Eve aware that they are naked. And, as if by magic, this became original sin and we are all guilty. God cannot forgive until he receives a human sacrifice. This book supplies the evidence to confirm that an ancient fairy tale created original sin. The book questions claims made by organized religions, the existence of the soul and the benefit of prayer. The book asks and investigates: qqIf original sin is a fairy tale what other claims made by organized religion may be in doubt? This book rejects fairy tales but not the existence of God.In 1560, the complete Bible known as the Geneva Bible was first published. The Geneva Bible was widely used in England, and was the first Bible to add numbered verses to each chapter. Reference to specific passages became much easier.

Title:A Fairy Tale Created Original Sin
Author:Reginald E. Nixon
Publisher:Creative Responsibility - 2006


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