A Dream to Share

A Dream to Share

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After architectural student Douglas McKenzie encountered Constance Oakland that February of 1973, he was inspired to create a blueprint for a dreama€”a dream to share. Connie possessed youthful exuberance and an irresistibly free spirit, an airy sorority girl floating in aimless ease. In Douglas she found an acceptance apart from being Armand Oakland's daughter or the proper product of a society mother, and she consented to share his dream. With determination and strength of purpose, Douglas pursed his plan to graduate with honors, establish his career, save the money to build his dream house, and marry Connie after she graduated. However, planning his life too rigidly caused underlying tensions. Diverse lifestyles, outside influences, astronomical costs, deception, temptation, a broken engagement, and a critical illness threatened to demolish the dream. A dream is a wonderful thing to share, but life cannot be built upon it, for it is only an illusion. Life must be built on the solid foundation of faith in God. Connie and Douglas eventually put their faith in Jesus, but what will it take for them to put their faith into action so they can share their dream in committed, wedded love?a€œDouglas McKenzie.a€ a€œArmand Oakland here. Potts informed me that your Volvo hadna#39;t been properly maintained. It will cost over a hundred dollars to repair it.a€ He realized Mr. Oakland had sent Potts around to check on it despite his objection, anbsp;...

Title:A Dream to Share
Author:Sherilyn Kay
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2011-11-02


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