A comparison of the main Direct Marketing Media and their future prospects in the age of the new millennium

A comparison of the main Direct Marketing Media and their future prospects in the age of the new millennium

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Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: This liberal translation of the famous Victor Hugo quote applies to direct marketing as it exists today. Only 20 years ago, direct marketing was considered a speciality employed by book publishers, record clubs or magazine publishers seeking subscriptions. Meanwhile direct marketing has become a marketing tool utilised by more than half the U.S. Fortune 500 companies. Realising the growing importance of direct marketing in addition to traditional advertising, major advertising agencies such as Young a Rubican (YaR) and Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB) purchased the most famous specialised agencies in this field and worked with them to bring both general and direct marketing clients the combined expertise of both disciplines. Due to direct marketing s success it is now the basis for various subdisciplines. Database marketing, relationship marketing, one-to-one marketing, integrated marketing, and others all offer interesting extensions and variations of direct marketing s basic techniques. More and more companies, in Europe and the United States, are using direct marketing as one part of their overall marketing mix. But even with enormous advances in analytical and computer capabilities, many direct marketing attempts fail to achieve their potential or, worse, fail to work at all due to a misunderstanding of their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore the aim of this thesis will be to examine the characteristics of direct mail, outbound telemarketing and online direct marketing, and to explore their specific advantages a disadvantages in order to enable their effective utilisation in todays' business world. At the beginning of this thesis direct marketing s evolution and development over time will be analysed. The thesis continues with a description of these three direct marketing media and an evaluation of their respective advantages and disadvantages under the headings of communication, privacy, design and media. These four categories have been chosen, because they are the most important elements for the future of successful direct marketing. After analysing the current situation the future prospects of the three direct marketing media will be demonstrated by examining how their various characteristics fit into the future. Finally a case study was conducted to determine to which degree the analysed arguments were applicable. This is examined in the case of Roba Baumann GmbH, a wholesaler which produces children s accessories. Inhaltsverzeichnis:Table of Contents: 1.INTRODUCTION1 2.THE FUNDAMENTALS OF DIRECT MARKETING2 2.1The meaning of Marketing today2 2.1.1Shift from traditional Marketing towards Direct Marketing2 2.1.2Fundamentals and core values of Direct Marketing4 2.1.3Database Marketing5 2.1.4Similarities a Differences between traditional Marketing and Direct Marketing6 2.2Trends supporting the shift towards direct marketing in particular8 2.2.1Individualisation8 2.2.2Product a Media fragmentation9 2.2.3Time spending9 2.2.4Information technology10 3.COMPARISON OF THE MAIN DIRECT MARKETING MEDIA11 3.1Main direct marketing media in context11 3.1.1Dimensions of direct marketing and its media12 3.1.2Direct mail13 3.1.3Telemarketing14 3.1.4Online direct Marketing16 3.2Advantages a disadvantages regarding communication17 3.2.1Direct mail18 3.2.2Telemarketing20 3.2.3Online direct marketing24 3.3Advantages a disadvantages regarding privacy26 3.3.1Direct mail27 3.3.2Telemarketing29 3.3.3Online direct marketing31 3.4Advantages a disadvantages regarding design32 3.4.1Direct mail33 3.4.2Telemarketing34 3.4.3Online direct marketing35 3.5Media specific advantages a disadvantages36 3.5.1Direct mail36 3.5.2Telemarketing38 3.5.3Online direct marketing38 3.6Summary40 4.FUTURE PROSPECTS OF DIRECT MARKETING41 4.1Direct mail's future41 4.2Telemarketing's future44 4.3Online marketing's future48 4.4The integrated future51 5.CASE STUDY: ROBA54 5.1The implementation of online direct marketing54 5.2The implementation of direct marketing media in the process of creating a new distribution channel56 6.CONCLUSION58 A.)TABLE OF CONTENTII B.)ABBREVIATIONSIII C.)EXHIBITS IN THE TEXTIV D.)APPENDIXV E.)BIBLIOGRAPHY - LiteratureXVI BIBLIOGRAPHY - InternetXXI BIBLIOGRAPHY - InterviewsXXV F.)EIDESSTATTLICHE ERKLA„RUNGXXVIOutbound telemarketing is a medium that provides great opportunities to increase the levels of customer service or brand loyalty, ... assistance and order processing.163 At the beginning of the 1990a#39;s BMW (USA) launched a successful customer care program. ... Phone interviews provide these dealers and the company with a wealth of information about customer preferences and satisfaction levels.

Title:A comparison of the main Direct Marketing Media and their future prospects in the age of the new millennium
Author:Roman Keilhacker
Publisher:diplom.de - 2000-06-08


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