A Commentary on Homer's Odyssey: Books XVII-XXIV

A Commentary on Homer's Odyssey: Books XVII-XXIV

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This is the third and final volume of a presentation in English of a commentary on Homer'sOdysseycompiled by an international team of scholars and published in Italian under the auspices of Fondazione Lorenzo Valla. In this volume each section of commentary is preceded by introductions dealing with the books in question. For this English version the introduction and commentary have been thoroughly revised and adapted to the text of T.W. Allen in the Oxford Classical Texts series.moXudpov I 70 irvpaKra‚nw II 31 rrrWOOW III 473, 484 pdfiSos III 327, 359 a€c pdKOs III 4i8, 307 pttw III 457-8, 475, 414 pa‚npvrrwp.iva I 497 pivos III 468 pis III 304-5. 397 poSoSdKrvXos I 149, III 17, 339 pvop.ai III 484 pVOroKrVS III 63 pVrOS I 310 piof III 210, 414-13, 448, 450 pwop.ai III315 ... III 151-2, 435 rpacfagt;Qrjvai II 436 rpeifagt;oj II 190 rpiApo/ HI 359 rpiroya‚nvaa I 184 rpvifagt;dXa‚nia III44L453 rpwK.rns II 414 rVp.

Title:A Commentary on Homer's Odyssey: Books XVII-XXIV
Author:Alfred Heubeck, Stephanie West, Manuel Fernández-Galiano, Joseph Russo, John Bryan Hainsworth, A. Hoekstra
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 1992


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