A Chance to Break

A Chance to Break

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Follow the exploits of a young Haitian American from Lake Worth, Florida, with dreams of breaking free of the game and moving to Haiti for a normal life. Top 6 is a group of young Haitian Americans with dreams of becoming rappers. Their dreams are deferred when city officials, law enforcement, and the court system decide to finger them for crimes they didna€™t commit. Unjustly charged with the RICO act, these young men are fighting for their lives to beat a biased judicial system designed to incarcerate the poor from third-world countries. It will take a lot to overcome their profiles as violent drug lords. Jamal Pierre is from the southside of Lake Worth, and he is fresh out of jail. He looks for his chance to break out of the game and reclaim his life. He wants to move his family back to Haiti, where they can live peacefully, out of harma€™s way. But as he continues to be challenged by the constant drama with his rivals from the other side of towna€”as well as the interest of a racist copa€”he realizes his chance to break free may be even more out of reach than he originally thought. Will he be able to make good on his promise to Brooklyn, his friend in jail, to get his family out while he can?Jamal took a second to reminisce on how happy Kim was when he brought her the black 2006, Nissan Altima, on twenty-two inch rims, that they were riding in. Jamal missed his mother and his little girl Kayla so much. Kim, who called off workanbsp;...

Title:A Chance to Break
Author:Mr. G. C.
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-09-30


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