A Challenge to Islam for Reformation

A Challenge to Islam for Reformation

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As a Protestant theologian and diciple of renowned critics of Christianity, Albert Schweitzer and Martin Werner, the Author wanted since long to contribute to the breakthrough of their resolute nontrinitarian position which has throughout the twentieth century by all and every Western Christian university theology been silenced by pretending tacitly and tenaciously the non-existence of their strong argument.We shall now interpret these verses 8-12, despite their seeming undecipherability for one and a half millennia, according to the unproblematic beginning of this poem (see here above by 15 lines). ... yamdah. il-qarma l-hu.ma .ma bi-kaffihi lataimu yusqa minfawadiliha l-qafru And he did not praise the fierce ruler while in his cupped hand still was musk by the most splendid of which the desert is soaked.

Title:A Challenge to Islam for Reformation
Author:Günter Lüling
Publisher:Motilal Banarsidass Publishe - 2003-01-01


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