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Dialo and Pancho Mercias are brothers from Portsmouth, Virginia. Their father taught them the family businessa€”drug-dealinga€”but theya€™ve taken it further than he ever imagined. The operation started small, just in their hometown, but soon it grew to include all the seven cities of the Tidewater area of Virginia. It became almost too much for them to handle. The boys do things they dona€™t always like. For instance, they kill people in cold blood, all in the name of money. Dialo starts getting involved with some legit businesses in the hopes of someday leaving the drug trade behind. Meanwhile, his little brother looks forward to getting Dialo out of the way and maybe one day becoming a kingpin. Just as Dialo is ready to step aside, Pancho gets in big trouble with a rival drug-dealer, and things turn nasty. Blood covers the streets, and a full-blown war is underway. Dialo may have to give up on his dreams of being an honest businessman to save his brother. Old habits die hard as they enter the brawl, and someone may end up dead.a€œAs soon as I get two or three cribs lined up, wea#39;ll both go check a#39;em out together.a€ a€œAight, well..., a€ said Pancho as ... As Pancho was tripping off the shorty trying to play off talking to his boy, his TracFone rang. a€œYo, a€ he said when he connectedanbsp;...

Author:David Bashara Wyche
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-11-26


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