55 Technology Projects for the Digital Classroom--Vol. I

55 Technology Projects for the Digital Classroom--Vol. I

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The all-in-one K-8 toolkit for the lab specialist, classroom teacher and homeschooler, with a years-worth of simple-to-follow projects. Integrate technology into language arts, geography, history, problem solving, research skills, and science lesson plans and units of inquiry using teacher resources that meet NETS-S national guidelines and many state standards. The fifty-five projects are categorized by subject, program (software), and skill (grade) level. Each project includes standards met in three areas (higher-order thinking, technology-specific, and NETS-S), software required, time involved, suggested experience level, subject area supported, tech jargon, step-by-step lessons, extensions for deeper exploration, troubleshooting tips and project examples including reproducibles. Tech programs used are KidPix, all MS productivity software, Google Earth, typing software and online sites, email, Web 2.0 tools (blogs, wikis, internet start pages, social bookmarking and photo storage), Photoshop and Celestia. Also included is an Appendix of over 200 age-appropriate child-friendly websites. Skills taught include collaboration, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, creativity, digital citizenship, information fluency, presentation, and technology concepts. In short, it's everything you'd need to successfully integrate technology into the twenty-first century classroom. See the publisher's website at structuredlearning.net for free downloads and more details.A holiday story or letter with pictures, border, varied fonts/colors/ sizes, and a WordArt title (for story). ... Students work without teacher assistance as much as possible, relying on already- accumulated knowledge. ... Review parts of a letter a€”greeting, body, closing Review parts of a story: character, setting, plot, crisis, resolution. ... up: I cana#39;t exit (Alt+F4) I cana#39;t print (Ctrl+P, file-print) Second Grade: Third Grade: Fourth-Seventh Grade: Fifth-Seventh Grade: Lesson Description.

Title:55 Technology Projects for the Digital Classroom--Vol. I
Author:Jacqui Murray
Publisher:Structured Learning LLC - 2009


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