5 Easy Steps to Financial Freedom

5 Easy Steps to Financial Freedom

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If you hate your job and feel stuck in life, or you believe that your skills, education, or lack of finances prevent you from taking a chance on something new, then you need to read 5 Easy Steps to Financial Freedom: Do What You Love a Get Rich Doing It by Duane Harden. Conversationally written and peppered with humorous drawings, helpful worksheets, and key tips, 5 Easy Steps to Financial Freedom: Do What You Love a Get Rich Doing It gives you the tools you need to change your life and teaches you how to make real money. Harden helps you to identify your passions and turn them into a profitable business. When you love what you do, he says, it isn't work. Attitude and confidence are everything! Harden demonstrates how to say yes to opportunity, yes to financial freedom, and no to the naysayers who pull you down when you're trying to elevate yourself (the qcrabs in a potq mentality). Practice the Law of Attraction, he advises, by putting up vision boards around you and thinking on the future you desire. We attract what we imagine. Harden doesn't just advise. He practices what he preaches. The book's 90-day action plan is based on the process Harden actually used in creating his wealth, including the purchase of numerous real-estate properties, a restaurant, and a music company. His qLife Assignmentsq will get you thinking and acting differently. His qKeysq point out truths about learning to live a wealthier lifestyle. Rich people are not afraid to take chances, he says, and well-planned chances always pay off. From putting your financial house in order to discovering what really makes you tick, 5 Easy Steps to Financial Freedom is a proven model that will change your life and make you wealthy in the process.... that offers an online payroll system and QuickBooks integration, the accounting software youa#39;ll most likely use when managing your business. If youa#39;re going to accept credit cards, ask the bank about its merchant accounts. For the one house youa#39;re purchasing in this booka#39;s example, you would only need a business checking account and a business credit card. 5. ... However, some merchants, such as Home Depot and Lowes, will often give you business credit even if youa#39;re a newlyanbsp;...

Title:5 Easy Steps to Financial Freedom
Author:Duane Harden
Publisher:CEOeBooks - 2012-01-16


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