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There are probably not two more polar opposite genres than rap music and drag racing. The author is by no means an authority on either. By 2012, it was apparent that the United States was facing many problems. The laundry list included: jihadists, unemployment, health care woes, unconstitutional and unchallenged moves by government officials, ... the list seems endless. Yet at the core of the nation's ills was the over arching issue of right and wrong. How is it defined? And who defines it ? Into this maelstrom of chaos, the characters herein find themselves cast. Nearly 50 years after the radicals of the 1960's found their answers 'blowing in the wind' , what has America become ? The DaJ Racing team of Mountain Home, Va., find themselves ensnared in a world far beyond 1/4 mile races. One will lose life because of it. And what of the children who walk through the land where selfish pleasure dominates each individual's daily life. Sarah and Micah are about to find out. There are others who live outside the 'tranquil' world of Mountain Home. They have been gifted to live in the fast lane of 'pop culture'. Wealthy, yet morally bankrupt, the FATFISTs and BARON ALLs of the world are about one thing- PLEASURE- regardless of the cost. If there money to be made at the expense of the innocence of children-so be it. Then there are the Runks...an inter-city detective and his wheelchair bound wife. Discredited and dismissed by those in power, they become the embodiment of Philippians 4: 13 - qI can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.qThe Chevy had a4 speed manual transmission and dual4 barrelcarburetors. ... Even though, this was the summer of 2012, and most drag racing events were dominated by huge corporately sponsored teams, the D aamp; J team was widelyanbsp;...

Author:Ed Gilkey
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-10-15


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