36 Articles on How to Put Technology Into Your Classroom

36 Articles on How to Put Technology Into Your Classroom

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36 Tech Ed Articlesa€“94 pages on How to Put Technology into Your Classrooma€“includes the 36 most requested 2012-13 tech ed articles from Ask A Tech TeacherAc , a group of technology professionals who run an award-winning resource blog where they provide free materials, advice, lesson plans, pedagogic conversation, website reviews, and more. They cover critical topics like how blogging makes students better writers, the importance of social media to education, how to teach keyboarding the right way, why technology is important for all learners, what to include on the youngest childa€™s computer, using internet start pages in tech lab and more. Each article is quick (1-2 pages), pithy, and easy-to-understand. Articles include: 5 Must-have Skills for New Tech Teachersa€”Plus One Morea€“These 5 skills plus one will make thriving with technology work oh so much better. 5 Must-have tools for Ed Conferencesa€“Therea€™s no better place to break in new technology than an education conference. Here are five tools youa€™ll want to include. 5 Tech Ed Tools to Learn This Summera€“Bring your laptop to the local hotspot and try five new tools to change your class. BYODa€”the lowdowna€“If youa€™re considering a BYOD program, herea€™s what you should know. New Literacies Enable Smarter Researchinga€“New literaciesa€”the ones that rhyme with a€˜technologya€™. Should Tech Teachers be in the Class or Laba€“Tech teachers are struggling with their future: Should they teach skills or integrate technology into class inquiry? The Elephantine Impact of Technology on Educationa€“Have you noticed whata€™s happening in your childa€™s school? Ita€™s called a€˜technologya€™ and ita€™s taking over. 8 Education Tools That Are Going Away--Technology is forcing out what we consider cornerstones of education. Here are eight that will disappeara€b soon 11 Things to Love About Common Corea€“As you acclimate to Common Core, youa€™ll find reasons to be thrilled they are part of education. These are the top eleven. 7 Ways Common Core Will Change Your Classrooma€“Here are 7 of the most dramatic shifts effected by Common Core. Common Core wants publishing. Tech makes it happena€“The world of student work being shared with the teacher onlya€”maybe hung on the classroom wall for a few weeksa€”is over. Common Core expects it to be published so all can benefit. 5 Sure-fire Ways to Teach Vocabularya€“Common Core moves vocabulary from a weekly class to a constant theme, woven throughout inquiry. Herea€™s how you make that happen. 5 New Web Tools for School a€“You dona€™t have to know all 2, 878 (and counting) tech tools Early Education Adopters use. You just need to know five. Time to Toss Bindersa€“3-ring bindersa€”the mainstay of educationa€”have been replaced. By what, you ask? Read on. Whata€™s a Digital Portfolio and Why Should You Use it?a€“In a nutshell, ita€™s a locker in the cloud that can be accessed from anywhere. And that is why you should use it. Need more detail? Read this article. 20 Tech Problems Teachers Need to Know How to Solvea€“80% of the tech problems you face in class are from the same 20 problems. Ia€™ll share those and how to solve them. 10 Things a Blog Taught Mea€“The more I blog, the happier I am that I blog. Ita€™s not about social media; ita€™s about writing skills, speaking and listening, and much more. 13 Reasons to Tweet in Classa€“Want Twitter in your class? Herea€™s ammunition for what often turns into a pitched, verbal brawl among stakeholders on using Twitter 12 Tips on Hard-to-teach Classesa€“The Hard-to-teach Class, one that makes you reconsider your academic career. Youa€™re willing, but how do you do you teach these oft-brilliant students? 7 Great Tech Tools that Differentiate Learninga€“Technology can optimize learning better than any other educational strategy. Here are 7 tools to make that happen. Be an Inquiry-based Teachera€“11 traits shared by inquiry-based teachers. Does it describe you? Teach Inquiry based Classes--In inquiry-based classes, teaching is more about process than product. The doing, not the test. Ita€™s what youa€™d hoped to do when you started your career. How do you make it happen? 17 K-8 DigCit Topicsa€“Using the internet safely and effectively must be taught. Herea€™s how to do that. Is Keyboarding Dead?a€“Is keyboarding the cornerstone of Common Core Standardsa€”or is it dead? You decide. When is Typing Faster Than Handwriting?a€“Most elementary-age students are better at handwriting than typing, but at some point, that changes. When is that? How to Use iPads in Classa€“If youa€™re planning to introduce iPads to your Elementary-age students, herea€™s a lesson plan for you. The Tableta€™s a€˜Killer Appa€™a€“Kids love tablets. It doesna€™t matter they wona€™t run most software, dona€™t have USB ports, have no flash, allow little storage, and cana€™t print (with ease). So, you ask, why? Therea€™s one great reason. Will Texting Destroy Writing Skills?a€“Trying to separate students from their smartphones for eight hours is a nightmare. Is this a battle worth fighting or is it a tempest in a teapot? 5 Digital Tools for the No Budget Classa€“Here are 5 freebies that will make a difference in your class. Minecraft In schoola€“Using programs students lovea€”like Minecraft, SimCity, Hunger Gamesa€”makes learning fun, authentic and rigorous. Have you gamified your class? 7 Digital Ways to End the School Yeara€“What better way to grab the end-of-school attention of tech-loving students than a tech-centric project. Here are 7 youa€™ll love. 14 Educational Websites Students Will Ask to Visita€“These are perfect for a summer program, summer homework, but also to inject tech into inquiry in authentic, rigorous ways. 5 Digital Tools Parents Lovea€“Getting parents on speaking terms with their childa€™s tech needs is difficult. Here are five tools that make this easier. 13 Tips To Speed Up Your Computera€“Treat your computer like a car. Every few months, do preventive maintenance to be sure ita€™s in tip top shape. A Virtual Oil Change for your Online Presencea€“For most teachers, life zooms by with few breaks to clean up the clutter of their everyday online presence. Like updating where we work, what awards wea€™ve received, who our latest boss isa€”who has the time? You do. Now. Yes, Ia€™m Resilient, and I Wish Computers Were--I hate to think about the many times Ia€™ve had to adapt because the tech I wanted to use in class didna€™t work. Ita€™s no onea€™s fault, but it sure makes me tired.Use your iPhone as a timer for a speed test or the iPad to scan in an art project for a digital portfolio. At any opportunity, share ... This can be via iPads, the class pod of computers, the netbooks, or whatever is available. Ask students what they anbsp;...

Title:36 Articles on How to Put Technology Into Your Classroom
Author:Ask a Tech Teacher, Jacqui Murray
Publisher:Structured Learning LLC - 2014-01-21


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