2nd European Symposium on Engineering Ceramics

2nd European Symposium on Engineering Ceramics

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This volume contains the proceedings of the 2nd European Symposium on Engineering Ceramics held in London, 23-24 November 1987. The meeting was attended by almost 200 scientists and engineers, primarily drawn from industry, and the Sessions were chaired by Mr Eric Briscoe, past President of the Institute of Ceramics. Very effective symposium organisation was provided by IBC Technical Services Ltd. The engineering ceramics are a class of materials which has over some 50 years found well-established applications based on the materials' chemical stability and wear resistance. The last 20 years have seen intensified efforts to extend applications for these materials into areas traditionally occupied by metals, but in which the typical metallic weaknesses of wear, and of high temperature creep and oxidation, are now creating significant problems. These efforts have, however, in many cases been undermined on the one hand by the inherent ceramic weaknesses of brittleness and flaw sensitivity, and on the other by an inadequate understanding, and control, of the basic ceramic fabrication processes required for the low-cost mass production of relatively complex components. The positive results of the efforts of the last 20 years have been the development of a large new group of ceramic materials believed to possess intrinsic mechanical property advantages, of which the transformation toughened zirconias, and the ceramic matrix composites are good examples, together with improved powder production methods and powder shaping processes.However, Carnota#39;s principle only applies to the thermodynamic efficiency of an ideal, reversible engine. ... Silicon carbide precombustion chambers fitted in some diesel cars allow, according to Toyota, an increase in power from 95 to 105 HP, but do not sensibly ... Therefore, an optimization of mechanical parts can be obtained by a judicious fitting of the characteristics of selected materials to some ... Many studies have detailed the applicability of Weibull statistics and SPT diagrams.

Title:2nd European Symposium on Engineering Ceramics
Author:F.L. Riley
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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