2012 Hurricane

2012 Hurricane

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On 2012, Daniel Mayhew, a brilliant weather researcher, works with Kelly Delaney, totally dedicated to protecting the environment, to build Sub-Zero, a hurricane suppression system. When Kelly's theories about a category 6 hurricane are proven true, Sub-Zero is pressed into service. Unknown to either of them, General Stefano Lowe, part of a shadowy group known as the qLucky Thirteen, q is out to stop them. As Daniel and Kelly fight to disperse the storm, Kelly's family asks her to come home. They're convinced the world is entering the qEnd of Times.q Meanwhile, Daniel's father, ignoring the signs of a storm approaching, goes sailing. General Stefano Lowe is electrocuted trying to sabotage the system, and the Sub-Zero system successfully disperses the storm. Later, Daniel's father is found-alive! Taking him to the hospital, Kelly and Daniel realize that they have a future together-even as another storm starts to build. Book Review: What would you do to prevent death and destruction from a huge storm or hurricane? Imagine being able to create a system that could dissipate a storm and make sure it never reached hurricane force. Daniel Mayhew invented something called Sub-Zero that could do just that. He presented it to the National Hurricane Center and it was approved by most of the members. But, there is a group called the Lucky 13 that would not relish its success and will do anything to discredit him and make sure the project never gets off the ground. Daniel finds hurricanes exciting, exhilarating even though he understands their dangers. Creating the Sub-Zero, which could prevent the loss of property, lives and destruction would save billions of dollars to anywhere these hurricanes or devastating storms hit. Kelly Delaney, who also works for the Hurricane Center, understands the threat to global warming and develops her own theory and presents it. She is concerned that category 6 hurricane storms will eventually be a thing of the present and suggests that the government buy up all of the coastal land and allow it to return to nature. However, both plans are unpopular and without government support there would be little chance either would be successful. When Daniel is successful in getting the government to fund his program the group called the Lucky 13 has to find to away to discredit him and the program too. As these unscrupulous people convince Daniel's father that he stole his money for his own purposes and not for what it was intended and then falsified papers making it seem that the project was over budget, it appeared the end had finally come even before this project could be implemented. Daniel is a weather researcher with many wild ideas about stopping hurricanes before they make landfall. Kelly's predictions about category 6 storms are related to deaf ears. But, what would happen if a storm of this magnitude was brewing and no one did anything to prepare for it or believed it was going to happen? Well, you would have a group of wealthy men whose only goal is to make money off of the destruction, deaths and devastation caused by these storms. The more damage, the deaths, the more destruction the more money their construction and oil companies would make during the reconstruction process. Arnaldo Ricculli takes the reader on a dangerous ride through many storms and one impending storm that could destroy the world. A book about global warming, a topic that is relevant and important. Caring about the environment is important and Daniel and Kelly team up to stop the storm and teach the children of the state of Florida about hurricane safety in a well -crafted program they both create in order to teach children how dangerous hurricanes can be. Will Daniel ever get to implement his project? Will it work to decrease the density, volume and size of this catastrophic storm? How will this change Daniel's fathers poor perception of him and Kelly's about her. As the sixth storm called FinaPopping her flash drive into her computer, she copied some files over and then logged off, for the last time. Standing up, she ... So Kelly piled her beat-up old stuff into her equally beat-up old Honda Civic and took off. She wanted to listen to heranbsp;...

Title:2012 Hurricane
Author:Arnaldo Ricciulli
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-11-16


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