2012 A Family Brief

2012 A Family Brief

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This book is based off of years of research starting with Zecharia Sitchina€™s indisputable documentary evidence of Eartha€™s origins and mana€™s celestial ancestors. Continuing on into mana€™s current interaction with a€œthose who from heaven to Earth camea€, a€œ2012 A Family Briefa€ brings the last 8 years of the Congressional ET related a€œDisclosure Projecta€ into full view of the public arena. It covers the joint government ET involvement to create huge underground bases and facilitiesa€™ built to protect man-kind from possible upcoming global catastrophesa€™ that have been seen to occur in the year of, or around, 2012. It also contains personal accounts of the Black Budget Operation Operators who have come forward as a€œWhistle-Blowersa€ to give their amazing testimony to congress as part of the 2001 a€œDisclosure Projecta€ led by Dr. Stephen Greer. All written and recorded a€œWhistle-Blowera€ testimony with-in this briefing has been sourced courtesy of a€œProject Camelota€ at www.projectcamelot.org Ran and diligently operated by Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy. This book also contains part one of a€œThe NEXUS REPORTa€ that was written by an individual under the pseudonym of a€œAstralwalkera€ where it originated as a thread at www.projectavalon.org also ran and operated by Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot.Wires leading to a shed and coop nearby were vaporized. Both structures ... Instead, all the wiring on the property was blown out. A number of ... in past records. A series of anomalous high altitude booms occurred off the 379 2012 A Family Brief.

Title:2012 A Family Brief
Author:Robert L. Horton
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2009-10-31


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