18 in America

18 in America

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Shortly before his freshman year of college was set to begin, seventeen-year-old Dylan Dethiera€”hungry for an adventure beyond his small towna€”deferred his admission and, a€œlike Jack Kerouac and Ken Kesey before him, packed his used car and meager life savings and set off to see and write about Americaa€ (ABC News/ Yahoo). His goal: play a round of golf in each of the lower forty-eight states. From a gritty municipal course in Flint, Michigan, to rubbing elbows with Phil Mickelson at Quail Hollow, Dylan would spend a remarkable year exploring the astonishing variety of the nationa€™s golf coursesa€”and its people. Over one year, thirty-five thousand miles, and countless nights alone in his dusty Subaru, Dylan showered at truck stops, slept with an ax under his seat, and lost his virginity, traveling a€œwherever the road took him, with golf as a vehicle for understanding Americaa€ (The New York Times). The result is a book that a€œwould be considered fine work by any writer, let alone one so younga€ (Maine Edge).Ford. T. he rain lifted in the days following my departure from Vegas. Still, I couldn a#39;t shake the sense of isolation. Over the course ... Still, I wanted the purity of golf, of human connection, of conversation to be the driving force behind my travels.

Title:18 in America
Author:Dylan Dethier
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2013-05-21


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