1700 Ways to Earn Free Book Publicity

1700 Ways to Earn Free Book Publicity

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Don't pay to promote, publicize, and market your book. The quickest ways to get free publicity for your book are to work at a writing camp (a boot camp for creative writing) and query a magazine editor to ask whether you can get a go-ahead to write an article titled, qHow to Write a Syllabus for Teachinga Course In ____. (Fill in the topic of your how-to book). Use your credibility and experience to sell your books. Give three reasons why people should take you seriously and trust your credibility, commitment, and stability. Show honesty and charisma in your writing. Motivate readers by examples. Being serious and convincing, even in comedy, 'brands' your reputation with a familiar symbol, proverb, or slogan related to your skills, life experience, or expertise. Showing readers how to teach a skill or craft quickly attracts the attention of magazine and newspaper Editors. Write articles where you can mention your book. Ask qhow-toq or research-based publications' editors whether you can write an article on how to solve a problem for readers of the particular specialty of the magazine. Free publicity is abundant when you solve problems or train groups with similar interests. Offer expertise in fields where instruction is welcome in research, repair, and lifestyles.If you edit books online through RSS feeds or do tutoring, break items down into news-size chunks of text. ... According to the article by Sascha Segan, on February 1, 2005 the carrier, Verizon began a€œselling three phones for its highspeedanbsp;...

Title:1700 Ways to Earn Free Book Publicity
Author:Anne Hart
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006


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